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A timeless beauty built upon almost 3000 years of history

Siracusa’s timeless beauty is built upon almost 3000 years of history. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the city is nowadays listed among the sites of most outstanding importance to the common heritage of humanity.
The city is a medley of ancient Greek ruins – the vestiges of a glorious past, when Siracusa was one of the most powerful and, according to Cicero, the most beautiful – city-state in the Mediterranean Basin – Baroque piazzas, medieval alleys, luxuriant papyrus groves and lemon orchards.
Before night, before casually picking one of the many cafes or restaurants in Ortygia, you might love to visit the other baroque gems in the surroundings, to dive into nature, to discover the coast by boat, to explore Sicilian’s food culture by cooking and eating with local chefs, farmers and sheperds.
We will come to pick you up in Siracuse, drive together for a one-day adventure, just in time to be home in the evening. No need to drive, no need to get mad, to get lost. Take your private tour or join new friends for your Sicilian escape!