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Gentle temperatures all year around

Its gentle temperatures all year around shape the most favourable climate for delving into many outdoor activities, from the beautiful coastline of Marzamemi to the volcanic peak of Mount Etna, across a variety of remote landscapes and beautiful tracks. It is enough to say that even a simple drive from Palazzolo to Noto is a real experience: the car windows turn into ever chancing canvases.
If you like to hike, there is plenty of possibility to explore the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe. If you’re happy only at the sea, as Nanni Moretti in Caro Diario there is not better place to be than on a boat with us, cruising through the most beautiful beaches and caves of Sicily: the natural oasis of Vindicari, the beach of Cala Mosca, the villages of San Lorenzo and Portopalo.
You just need a good pair of shoes and a swimsuit, we’ll take care of everything else.

“I had heard about the stupendous iridescence of the aurora upon the Ionian Sea, when you contemplate it from Etna’s summit…It was one of the supreme moments of my life”. Marguerite Yourcenar